Bears for Hope began from one brave little girl's journey with heart disease. 

Our daughter Anavah was born in November 2008. She was beautiful and seemed healthy, and we left the hospital just a few days after her birth. At two weeks old, my spouse and I found out she had complex congenital heart disease. The left side of her heart was underdeveloped and she had several other serious heart conditions. She was rushed to the hospital and immediately had heart surgery, which was followed by two more open heart surgeries, one after the other.

We are involved in a variety of initiatives. 

  • Monthly visits to hospital wards throughout the country

  • Personal house and hospital visits for chronically-ill children 

  • Regular visits to special needs schools

  • Teaching parents of chronically-ill children how to use our teddy bears as a therapeutic part of their children's medical journey

  • Providing information to parents of chronically-ill children about various therapy options their children might need

  • Educating social workers, nurses and doctors in hospitals about the importance of play therapy


Where we deliver bears

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Special Needs Schools